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Among its activities, the Bulgarian-American Cultural Center Sarasota focuses the most on the Bulgarian language school, founded in 2009. 

Bulgarian language has been taught since 2009 for pre-school and 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade based on a program of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science.

The instructions are completely in Bulgarian, led by highly qualified teachers.

The school also offers learning Bulgarian folklore dances and theatre.

Every Saturday Sept 5 септ. 2016 - May 27 2017 (see exceptions and vacations below):

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Grade 3
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM 

Grade 5
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Exceptions (no school) days:  Nov 26 2016, Dec 24 2016, Feb 18 2017, Feb 25 2017, Apr 15 2017

Location7091 Proctor Rd, Sarasota, FL 34241, USA

18th school week 2012-2013

Dear parents,

Let’s applaud the excellent job of Joro Angeloff as POD (parent on duty). Thank you for the abundant and healthy snacks we all enjoyedJI especially appreciate you helping out with the discipline outside the classroom during breaks.

Let’s WELCOME Pavel and Ivelina Kioutchoukovi, who joined us again after a long break. With their support we actively, once again, enriched the lives of students and parents:

The kindergartners recognized and discovered the letter “O” in the story of “Little red riding hood” and saw a short movie as a reward for their efforts.

First graders learned how to read and write (in cursive and in print) the letter K, and practiced the pronunciation of the very prominent cluster of sounds “dj” and its use in everyday Bulgarian vocabulary.

In third grade, of course, was way more dynamic, since we studied verbs in Present, Past and Future tense.  We had wa-a-a-y too many (according to my “smarty pants” students) exercises. On Feb 17 those same students can show off ALL of their knowledge during the practice test on verbs. During Social Studies we learned about the “Blue roads” of Bulgaria by finding on the map the longest and largest rivers like Danube, Maritza, Strouma, Iskar and the mountains they originated from.

During extra curriculum classes, we learned the lyrics and sang the songs that will be part of the Easter show program. What a fun it was for the third graders to “figure out” the lyrics just by hearing the songs once or twice. It turned out to be a much harder task than they anticipated.

The second quarter has officially started and we  only have 14 weeks left before the end of school year, so now, more than ever, every week counts especially when testing is involved. Please attend regularly and finish your homework in a timely manner.

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech”

Sarasota, FL , USA

15th school week 2012-2013

Here we are again, finally in synch with school pace during week 15.  Almost half of the school year has passed!

Today in the 3rd grade time literary flew while we were learning about space achievement of Bulgarian astronaut Georgi Ivanov in 1979. After that we landed in Bulgaria’s cultural life in the 20th century and studied about famous artists like Vladimir Dimitrov –Maistora, opera singers Gena Dimitrova and Raina Kabaivanska and, of course, many of our popular writers and poets such as Ivan Vazov, Jordan Jovkov, Anton Donchev, Blaga Dimitrova. To “relax” after that, we had a dictation and conjugated the verbs in present tense.

First graders scored incredibly high on their language test after learning about the letter (sound) З (Z) and it’s “sister” C (S). The students also discussed the topic of health and what a perfect timing to talk about it in this flu outbreak we’re having this year.

Our youngest students “played” with the sound Л (L) and created a story based on a colorful picture.

Next week I will monitor the performance of two of my teachers during first two periods, while Boyan Vulchev teaches my classes in 3rd grade. Please be prepared with homework (wb#2, p. 6-7). I am sure you will make me proud.

See you soon!

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL

14th school week 2012-2013

Welcome again to all well rested and cheerful students! Thank you for the kind greeting cards and gifts and the amazing Christmas party!

I am glad to see how refreshed and rested you all were after the Christmas break, which I am sure was full of fun, music and of course lots of gifts:)

But as we all know, all fun things come to an end when it’s homework and test time again. Third graders passed with mostly B and A the Bulgarian language test on noun-gender, singular and plural, definite and indefinite article.

First graders told their vacation stories, learned how to read and write the letters Д (D) and Г (G) and at the end they discussed the different professions people have in Bulgaria and United States.

The preschoolers “played” the letter K and told a story or two about snowflakes, despite the fact we didn’t see snow outside our windows :(

With the end of first grading period coming to an end, I expect everyone on time every Sunday, healthy and smiley, and ready for new academic achievements.

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL

13th school week 2012-2013

A great and warm “Thank you” to Valya Veleva – president of the Board of Parents, for the crafty personalized Christmas ornaments she made for all the students. On behalf of all the students at the school a special “Thanks” to Anita Rovira for all the delicious presents she prepared and gave away.

From me- personally, I wish you all a great and restful Christmas break until next year. We come back for regular classes on January 6, 2013 (10:00 am to 1:10 pm.) Third-graders, prepare for Bulgarian language test that covers everything we’ve learned about the NOUN (gender, singular/plural forms, definite/indefinite forms) I expect only excellent grades.

And on behalf of all the teachers and staff at Bulgarian Language school “Rodna rech” – we wish you a very healthy, successful, peaceful, and yet extremely fun and “fun-filled” new 2013! Stay smart and determined!

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL

12th school week 2012-2013

What did we do last week #12?

Well, we were busy, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, a lot of students were out sick. Get better kids, we miss you all, it’s not the same without you in the classroom.

Parent’s conference went well and was very informative. My parents expressed a great satisfaction with the academic results so far and I agree with them. However, you know I have high expectations from my students and knowing how smart they all are, I know they can do even better. We have only 5 more months to go and to achieve our goal of excellence.

Kindergarten discovered the 9th letter of the Bulgarian alphabet “И”, made up a story about the little “Star” and discovered the rectangular shape during math class.

The first-graders calligraphed  the 16th letter of the Bulgarian alphabet “П” and retold the story about “Snowy winter” even though it was scorching heat here in Florida.

Third graders scored a new record for effort this week! They didn’t interrupt the agenda even once during class and passed the Social Studies test with a B! We are still mastering the definite and indefinite article, but practice makes perfect!

I do, however, expect an A for effort from the parents in completing the project of making the “survachki”. Please bring ALL materials this coming Sunday.

Holidays are right around the corner and next week is the last school week before the end of the calendar year. Let’s make everything possible to complete it successfully!

Thank you for your efforts!

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL

11th school week 2012-2013

Hello again friends and families!
    Holiday season is officially here. To celebrate we are going to make authentic Bulgarian “survachki” to use during the Christmas party. All parents, please bring materials from home like branches (no longer than a meter), popped popcorn, color threads, old buttons, mini-pretzels (the twisted ones work the best), fruit loops, colorful beads and everything else you might consider useful and interesting to use. Ideas for “сурвачки” you can find online.
         As far as school week 11, it went fast for both students and teachers.
    Mrs. Pleischl helped the little ones discover the letter “Z” and read the story of “Zelenushka”. Together they found the number 7 in each grain and colored it for fun.
    Ms. Petrov taught the first graders to pronounce and write both in cursive and in print the small and capital letter “Б”.
     In third grade we “struggled” to determine gender of the nouns (feminine, masculine and neuter), the correct articles we use at the end of each word depending on the gender, and the respective singular and plural forms for each one.  It turned out to be a pretty tricky task. Next week there will be a test and a dictation, therefore I expect everyone to be prepared. Homework is in workbook #1, on p. 30 and 31.
    Thank you al for your help and support.
     See you next Sunday!
Gergana Nikolova,
Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL

9th Bulgarian language school week 2012-2013

Hello again, dear parents and friends!
Here we are, successfully completed week 9, at our Bulgarian school “Rodna rech”. So, what’s new this week, you might ask… Well, let’s see:
One more student joined our kindergarten – Petar. Welcome back, Petarcho, after quite a long stay in Bulgaria! We are glad to have you back! Miss Pleischl helped our little ones to find the letter “E” and then read to them the classic story of “The cat in the boots”. During the extra curriculum class, they sang their little hearts out with Christmas carols.
First graders put their brains together for their first test and of course “They aced it”, said Ms. Petrov. The smart youngsters had no problems whatsoever writing the letters “L” and “N”.
And the third graders…well they had fun of their own while writing down the dictation from a fiction story about the moth, who’s been eating all the bad grades from Bulgarian students report cards, so they only had  excellent grades in the end. My students were so intrigued and jealous they even discussed the possibility of growing a moth like that in our own classroom, too!!!  After that, during “Man and Society” class, we covered the next chapter on “Bulgarian nature” and in the end the students passed not one, but two tests! The results showed there are still certain subject areas to be improved, but, after all, that’s why we come to school for – to learn and advance.
Next week’s homework is on p. 27, workbook #1. Parents, please SIGN you child’s homework, which tells me you’ve seen it. There are still those students, I’m afraid, who claim “I didn’t know about it” when it comes to their homework.
Finally, I would like to thank all the people who stay involved in helping out and contributing to our school’s success and development. Together we can achieve making our school’s academic program so popular and desirable, that there will be students from all over the state lining up to get enrolled.
Warm wishes for you all in the chilly (for Florida’s temperature, at least) weeks to come,
Gergana Nikolova,
Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL
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