9th Bulgarian language school week 2012-2013

Hello again, dear parents and friends!
Here we are, successfully completed week 9, at our Bulgarian school “Rodna rech”. So, what’s new this week, you might ask… Well, let’s see:
One more student joined our kindergarten – Petar. Welcome back, Petarcho, after quite a long stay in Bulgaria! We are glad to have you back! Miss Pleischl helped our little ones to find the letter “E” and then read to them the classic story of “The cat in the boots”. During the extra curriculum class, they sang their little hearts out with Christmas carols.
First graders put their brains together for their first test and of course “They aced it”, said Ms. Petrov. The smart youngsters had no problems whatsoever writing the letters “L” and “N”.
And the third graders…well they had fun of their own while writing down the dictation from a fiction story about the moth, who’s been eating all the bad grades from Bulgarian students report cards, so they only had  excellent grades in the end. My students were so intrigued and jealous they even discussed the possibility of growing a moth like that in our own classroom, too!!!  After that, during “Man and Society” class, we covered the next chapter on “Bulgarian nature” and in the end the students passed not one, but two tests! The results showed there are still certain subject areas to be improved, but, after all, that’s why we come to school for – to learn and advance.
Next week’s homework is on p. 27, workbook #1. Parents, please SIGN you child’s homework, which tells me you’ve seen it. There are still those students, I’m afraid, who claim “I didn’t know about it” when it comes to their homework.
Finally, I would like to thank all the people who stay involved in helping out and contributing to our school’s success and development. Together we can achieve making our school’s academic program so popular and desirable, that there will be students from all over the state lining up to get enrolled.
Warm wishes for you all in the chilly (for Florida’s temperature, at least) weeks to come,
Gergana Nikolova,
Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL