12th school week 2012-2013

What did we do last week #12?

Well, we were busy, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, a lot of students were out sick. Get better kids, we miss you all, it’s not the same without you in the classroom.

Parent’s conference went well and was very informative. My parents expressed a great satisfaction with the academic results so far and I agree with them. However, you know I have high expectations from my students and knowing how smart they all are, I know they can do even better. We have only 5 more months to go and to achieve our goal of excellence.

Kindergarten discovered the 9th letter of the Bulgarian alphabet “И”, made up a story about the little “Star” and discovered the rectangular shape during math class.

The first-graders calligraphed  the 16th letter of the Bulgarian alphabet “П” and retold the story about “Snowy winter” even though it was scorching heat here in Florida.

Third graders scored a new record for effort this week! They didn’t interrupt the agenda even once during class and passed the Social Studies test with a B! We are still mastering the definite and indefinite article, but practice makes perfect!

I do, however, expect an A for effort from the parents in completing the project of making the “survachki”. Please bring ALL materials this coming Sunday.

Holidays are right around the corner and next week is the last school week before the end of the calendar year. Let’s make everything possible to complete it successfully!

Thank you for your efforts!

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL