11th school week 2012-2013

Hello again friends and families!
    Holiday season is officially here. To celebrate we are going to make authentic Bulgarian “survachki” to use during the Christmas party. All parents, please bring materials from home like branches (no longer than a meter), popped popcorn, color threads, old buttons, mini-pretzels (the twisted ones work the best), fruit loops, colorful beads and everything else you might consider useful and interesting to use. Ideas for “сурвачки” you can find online.
         As far as school week 11, it went fast for both students and teachers.
    Mrs. Pleischl helped the little ones discover the letter “Z” and read the story of “Zelenushka”. Together they found the number 7 in each grain and colored it for fun.
    Ms. Petrov taught the first graders to pronounce and write both in cursive and in print the small and capital letter “Б”.
     In third grade we “struggled” to determine gender of the nouns (feminine, masculine and neuter), the correct articles we use at the end of each word depending on the gender, and the respective singular and plural forms for each one.  It turned out to be a pretty tricky task. Next week there will be a test and a dictation, therefore I expect everyone to be prepared. Homework is in workbook #1, on p. 30 and 31.
    Thank you al for your help and support.
     See you next Sunday!
Gergana Nikolova,
Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL