18th school week 2012-2013

Dear parents,

Let’s applaud the excellent job of Joro Angeloff as POD (parent on duty). Thank you for the abundant and healthy snacks we all enjoyedJI especially appreciate you helping out with the discipline outside the classroom during breaks.

Let’s WELCOME Pavel and Ivelina Kioutchoukovi, who joined us again after a long break. With their support we actively, once again, enriched the lives of students and parents:

The kindergartners recognized and discovered the letter “O” in the story of “Little red riding hood” and saw a short movie as a reward for their efforts.

First graders learned how to read and write (in cursive and in print) the letter K, and practiced the pronunciation of the very prominent cluster of sounds “dj” and its use in everyday Bulgarian vocabulary.

In third grade, of course, was way more dynamic, since we studied verbs in Present, Past and Future tense.  We had wa-a-a-y too many (according to my “smarty pants” students) exercises. On Feb 17 those same students can show off ALL of their knowledge during the practice test on verbs. During Social Studies we learned about the “Blue roads” of Bulgaria by finding on the map the longest and largest rivers like Danube, Maritza, Strouma, Iskar and the mountains they originated from.

During extra curriculum classes, we learned the lyrics and sang the songs that will be part of the Easter show program. What a fun it was for the third graders to “figure out” the lyrics just by hearing the songs once or twice. It turned out to be a much harder task than they anticipated.

The second quarter has officially started and we  only have 14 weeks left before the end of school year, so now, more than ever, every week counts especially when testing is involved. Please attend regularly and finish your homework in a timely manner.

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech”

Sarasota, FL , USA