15th school week 2012-2013

Here we are again, finally in synch with school pace during week 15.  Almost half of the school year has passed!

Today in the 3rd grade time literary flew while we were learning about space achievement of Bulgarian astronaut Georgi Ivanov in 1979. After that we landed in Bulgaria’s cultural life in the 20th century and studied about famous artists like Vladimir Dimitrov –Maistora, opera singers Gena Dimitrova and Raina Kabaivanska and, of course, many of our popular writers and poets such as Ivan Vazov, Jordan Jovkov, Anton Donchev, Blaga Dimitrova. To “relax” after that, we had a dictation and conjugated the verbs in present tense.

First graders scored incredibly high on their language test after learning about the letter (sound) З (Z) and it’s “sister” C (S). The students also discussed the topic of health and what a perfect timing to talk about it in this flu outbreak we’re having this year.

Our youngest students “played” with the sound Л (L) and created a story based on a colorful picture.

Next week I will monitor the performance of two of my teachers during first two periods, while Boyan Vulchev teaches my classes in 3rd grade. Please be prepared with homework (wb#2, p. 6-7). I am sure you will make me proud.

See you soon!

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL