14th school week 2012-2013

Welcome again to all well rested and cheerful students! Thank you for the kind greeting cards and gifts and the amazing Christmas party!

I am glad to see how refreshed and rested you all were after the Christmas break, which I am sure was full of fun, music and of course lots of gifts:)

But as we all know, all fun things come to an end when it’s homework and test time again. Third graders passed with mostly B and A the Bulgarian language test on noun-gender, singular and plural, definite and indefinite article.

First graders told their vacation stories, learned how to read and write the letters Д (D) and Г (G) and at the end they discussed the different professions people have in Bulgaria and United States.

The preschoolers “played” the letter K and told a story or two about snowflakes, despite the fact we didn’t see snow outside our windows :(

With the end of first grading period coming to an end, I expect everyone on time every Sunday, healthy and smiley, and ready for new academic achievements.

Gergana Nikolova,

Bulgarian school “Rodna rech” Sarasota FL